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Key Largo Fishing Report


Bottomfishing is Red Hot
August 11, 2011
What a way to spend a hot summer day than to be fishing in Key Largo. Currently, the bottom fishing has been outstanding. We are catching our limits on mutton, yellowtails, and a nice grouper or two.

Sailfishing Off Key Largo is Hot!!!
November 18, 2009
Sailfishing has been outstanding, producing good numbers of fish. The bottom fishing for mutton snappers and grouper has been excellent aswell.

Bottom Fishing Is Where It's At
June 18, 2009
The mutton snapper & grouper bite has been very good in the deeper water, with the flat sea conditions this is going to be the best bite. In the mix we have been hammering Albaco Jacks using jigs. The dolphin bite has been slow due to the weather, expect this not to change until the wind starts blowing again.

Awesome Fishing. Period
May 20, 2009
The title of this fishing reports says it all. The fishing has been incredible, especially the bottom fishing for mutton snapper and yellowtails. We have been catching our limits of these fish everyday, plus we have been hooking up with kingfish; upto 30 pounds and some nice dolphins. This is a great time of year to go fishing in Key Largo, don't delay the fishing is hot and the weather is nice. Book your trip online our you can call me @ 305.522.9438. Till next time.

October Inshore/ Offshore Report
October, 11, 2008

Inshore Fishing - The yellowtail bite has been excellent with nearly every sandball we drop we catch a 1 1/2 to 3 pound fish. While fishing for Yellowtail Snapper we have been catching some decent size mutton snapper and some red grouper as well.

Offshore Fishing - The Swordfishing has been good during the daytime hours while the dolphin fishing has been winding down. There are still some nice size fish out there, the conditions just need to be right. The Blackfin Tuna bite has been very good at the humps, these hard fighting fish are ranging from 5-15 pounds with some bigger fish in the mix.

Expect to see Black Groupers to start showing up on the wrecks in the coming weeks.
Sailfish Season is almost here, be sure to book early.

Summer is in full swing
June 30, 2008

Summer is finally here with dolphinfish showing up in good numbers and football size blackfin tunas in the mix. The bottom bite has been on fire, with grouper, mutton and yellowtails. If your interested in going on a Key Largo Fishing Charter, now is a great time to do it.

Fishing Report
April 23,2008

The fishing has been very good and is expected to continue in the coming weeks. The yellowtail bite as been absolutely excellent, nice fish up to 5lbs. The grouper bite has been very consistent for both red & blacks. We have been doing most of our bottom fishing within 200 ft, right outside Key Largo, This is an ideal trip for a half day charter. Since the fishing is done so close to home. For those who want to venture further out to sea, may I suggest fishing for yellowfin, blackfin tuna and mahi (dolphin fish) .Both the tunas & mahi show up in good numbers this time of year, and if you’re interested in catching a Monster; the big sharks are here!!! The humps are teeming with hammerheads, tigers and of course bull sharks. Catching these monsters isn't for the faint of heart. If you feel you are up to the challenge, than this is for you.

Fishing is still hot!!!
February 19, 2008

Key Largo is still seeing good sailfish action on the edge of the reef, with bait showers exploding around the boat. We have been catching 4-6 black groupers everytime we go bottom fishing, as well as our limit of yellowtail snappers. The amberjacks, are solid on the humps, weighing upto 100lbs and if you like to shark fishing, well now is the time to do it. There are sharks pretty much everywhere.

Key Largo Fishing Report
February 1, 2008

Fishing has been very consisted for the past month for both sailfishing and bottom fishing, mainly for yellowtail snappers and muttons. The grouper bite has been slow. Amberjacks are showing up on the wrecks in good numbers. The avg size jacks are between 40-85 pounds. If your interested in catching big sharks now is the time to do it. This time of the year is excellant shark fishing at the Islamorada hump and the West hump.

November Fishing Report

November 04, 2007

The fishing in Key Largo the past couple of weeks has been excellent, due to the increrasing number of cold fronts and strong winds from the Northeast. We have been catching our limit of Black Groupers everytime we target these fish, with an average weight of 15-30 lbs. In the mix we have been catching very nice size yellowtails and mutton snappers. Expect the bottom fishing to be very active in the coming weeks with the sailfish bite picking up.


Key Largo Fishing Report
September 06, 2007
This past week it has been all about bottom fishing. We have been catching our limit of black grouper every time we go out and the mutton snapper bite has been excellent. The average size of the blacks has been 20 – 35 pounds and the muttons anywhere from 5 – 18 pounds. During an average day expect to catch other species as well. This includes; yellowtail, red grouper, dog snapper and others. Visit our photo gallery to see the latest catch.

Offshore Fishing Report ~ Key Largo - Islamorada
August 23, 2007

The Dolphin bite was red hot yesterday. We've landed 31 fish! the largest being 30+ pounds. There were some very nice size fish we caught; with 15 of the fish weighing in over 15 pounds. Most of our fishing was done far offshore water depth was 1500+. Fishing off Islamorada and Key Largo

Florida Keys Fishing Report
August 18, 2007

Today we had a blast catching a total combined weight of 330 pounds of Mahi. We landed 12 slammers, with the biggest being 30+ pounds and landed 24 gaffers. The bigger fish where caught in 2000' of water and the smaller within that depth. Expect great mahi fishing this week due to the curretn weather patterns.

Offshore Fishing Report
August 10, 2007

We had a great day fishing offshore, the Florida Keys can produce suberb fishing during the summer. Today we landed 20 + dolphins ranging 5 - 10 pounds, with several 20+ pounders in the mix. These fish where caught off debris in 350' and 2,500'. We also landed a nice 81 pound Swordfish during the day in about 1400' of water on a large squid.

Florida Keys Fishing Report for Key Largo and Islamorada. -
August 05, 2007

The Mahi (Dolphin fish) has been decent these past couple of days. We are finding fish from 900’ +, and their size ranges from 20+ pounds to nice size schoolies. Black fin Tuna can be found at the humps and the sword fishing has been good both during the day and at night; we are finding these fish no less than 1200’. Near shore the yellowtail snapper and mangrove snapper fishing has been very good, both day and night and there are still some Mutton Snappers to be found on the reef.

Florida Keys Fishing Report –

July 15, 2007
This past week the bite offshore was very good. Thanks to the SE wind, we had caught over 25 dolphins with four of the fish over 20 pounds. As soon as we where in 350’ of water we started to troll and we immediately hooked a small Blackfin Tuna. Most of our fishing was in 1200’ to 1800’ of water. The bigger fish where found when we spotted a single bird diving overhead. We caught most of our dolphin on two pieces of debris, a large block of wood and a piece of rope.

Florida Keys Fishing Report

Juy 05, 2007

Bottom fishing was really good today despite the green water still on the edge. We caught several Black Groupers that where 25+ pounds. We've sandballed for Yellowtail and where able to get our limit, and landed several nice Triggerfish.

The winds are suppose to pick up this week, if so expect the mahi bite to pick up.