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Fishing Techniques
Common fishing techniques used while fishing the waters off Key Largo

The Florida Keys are home to a vast number of game fish, and since there are some many species of fish to target there are just as many techniques in catching them. Over the years fishing techniques have been developed and improved to make fishing in the Florida Keys more successful. We have used proven methods to catching fish and have created some of our own methods that have been very successful as well.

Trolling - Offshore Sportsfishing
One of the most popular fishing techniques for offshore fishing is trolling, this consist of trolling fishing lures behind the boat. Normally you would troll multiple lines at different lengths and sometimes different depths from the boat. Using outriggers, allows you to spread your lines out so they are not bunched together and possibly getting tangled. Depending on the game fish you are trying to catch you’ll also troll at different speeds, for instance; if you’re going after wahoo you would run much faster than you would if you’re trolling for dolphin. Trolling is a great way to cover a lot of distance when you’re fishing for pelagic fish that are found in the vast open ocean.

Bottom Fishing

Live/ Dead Baits - Perhaps the most successful way to catch fish that are found on the reefs, wrecks and drop offs is to use live or dead baits. This consists of using a heavy leader and enough weight to hold you on the bottom with a live or dead bait on a sharp hook. Normally, we use speedos, blue runners and skipjacks for live baits, and the same baitfish for dead baits including ballyhoos. With dead baits we either cut them in half (a plug) or butterfly them.

Sandballing - Sandballing is a method used in the Florida Keys primarily for yellowtail snapper. This fishing technique consists of mixing menhaden chum with oatmeal and sand. Once mixed, you place a scaled 1” piece of ballyhoo with skin on your hook and pack the sandball mixture around your bait, making a 3”-4” ball. Once you have successfully made your sandball you open the bail on your spinning rod and throw the ball into the water. This allows the bait to get to the desired depth without using any weights.

Blackfin tuna caught at one of the popular humps of the Florida Keys

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